Benefits of a Turf Field vs. Grass Field

You may not see it right off hand, but places all over the states are switching grass for artificial turf. But you might not realize it is happening because of how natural the artificial turf looks. AGL artificial grass has lead the turf industry for years in California. A lot of people are making the switch because of many different reasons, the benefits you have when you switch outweigh the benefits of having grass and here is why.

When you have artificial turf instead of regular grass, you immediately up the play ability on the field. These turfs are designed for people to run and play and roll around on all day so they will not kick up dirt or cause the field to get lumpy and bumpy after a few games of football or soccer. It is a completely flat surface and it stays that way no matter how rough the players are.

It saves a lot of water. Think about how much water it would take to make sure the entire field is wet. This is a necessity because if the field gets too dry the grass will start to die and the field can’t be played on because it’s been compromised and can cause injury. With artificial turf you don’t have to water it as much as you would grass so it saves the planet and it saves your players from rolling around in dry grass.

On the opposite side of that spectrum, the field dries extremely quickly when a rain shower comes down. If you have ever had a big game coming up but it had to be pushed off a week because the field is soaking wet and minoxidil beard filled with puddles and mud, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. The turf will soak up the water and leave no puddles or mud. All it needs is a few hours to dry and you will have your field and the game can go on. So you should consider getting artificial turf and replace your grass field. It will be helpful for everyone all around and you won’t regret the decision.